Koen M. Maaskant & daugthers.

Hi all, my name is Koen Maaskant, welcome to my website. Currently, I work as head of operations and business accelerator at Infento, a start-up company that designs and manufactures modulair and sustainable rides for children. I studied physics & astronomy at the University of Amsterdam. I explored student life, by rowing at student society Skoll, working in the planetarium of the Amsterdam zoo Artis, and other typical activities. After an internship at the Amsterdam Medical Center, and some interesting psychology and epistemological philosophy courses, I wanted to continue in astrophysics. I was fortunate to carry out my master research with dr. L.B.F.M. Waters, with whom I studied stellar evolution in high mass star forming regions. In 2010, I started my PhD, working with dr. A.G.G.M. Tielens at Leiden Observatory, studying the evolution of protoplanetary disks of Herbig stars. I focussed on comparing data from telescopes with computational models, in order to understand the formation of young stars and exoplanets. In 2015, I started to work for ASML, an impressive corporate company which makes machines that are used to manufacture chips. As part of the Corporate Strategy and Marketing department, I have worked for new business development, responsible for identifying and developing new innovative high tech business opportunities for ASML. In addition, I have worked as a design engineer for the extreme ultra violet (EUV) lithography system and were involved in the performance and integration of imaging design. (Last updated: 2019-06-14)

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